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                                         July 2017                                                         Bruce Donato reduced and rotated


President’s Message

As my term as AHMP Cyber Chapter President is winding down, I feel like a proud parent watching their child go across the stage at Harvard as the class valedictorian.  I chose that analogy because not only am I proud as a parent would be for the work that the Cyber Chapter has done, but because I feel in my heart we are the epitome of a what a virtual organization should be to reach out to its membership and the industry it serves.  I truly feel that we are second to none in what we have done in such a short period of time and all as a volunteer organization.

With that said, I cannot thank the Cyber Chapter board enough for their efforts.  In the past few months we have increase our BOD and added in two new directors who have hit the ground running.  If you would like to be part of this great group, go to www.ahmpcyber.org and click on contact us.  There you can reach out to any board member and they can explain the value of being a board member and how you can make a difference.

The Cyber Chapter has so many accomplishments and is still reaching for the stars.  Here are some of the accomplishments in the last year:

  • A membership meeting at the National Conference
  • Technical Seminars at least monthly.
  • A trifecta of talks on how the new administration will affect EPA, OSHA, and DOT by industry SMEs.
  • Broadcasting of two EHMM courses for different AHMP Chapters
  • Broadcasting of the EHMM from the National Conference.
  • Co-sponsoring a live Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) Prep course that was attended across the country and the world (Japan) and included recorded sessions for those who could not attend all the sessions.
  • Working with AHMP to develop a library of technical webinars and slide decks for AHMP members who are also members of an AHMP chapter.
  • Working with the AIHA board to show them the capability of the Cyber Chapter for use in developing their own Virtual Section.
  • Working with the ABIH board for using our model to conduct certification training for certificants and potential certificants.
  • Creating a virtual discussion group before Technical Seminars for open forum discussion between members with each other and the speaker.
  • Conducting remote location training at the Delegate Meeting at the National Conference.
  • Broadcasting AHMP Local Chapter events to their remote participants.
  • Expanding our cookout to not just Cyber Chapter members but all attendees at the National Conference.

The board is also looking at:

  • Expanding the preparatory class program based on the success of the CIH prep class.
  • Creating outreach programs.
  • Expanding support of brick and mortar chapters

I am not very eloquent with newsletter messages as I am better with showing my enthusiasm and commitment by my actions.  If you could see me now, you would see my appreciation of such a great group to work with.  Come be part of this as a member or part of the board.

Bruce A. Donato, CHMM, CSP, CECD

Cyber Chapter President