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                                         April 2018                                                        sarahphoto

President’s Message

Hello, fellow Hazardous Materials Managers! I am excited and honored to be acting president of the AHMP Cyber Chapter.

Becoming chapter president was not on my bucket list, in fact, it was almost an accident. I was looking for resources to be connected to others in my industry through my CHMM certification and landed on phone call where Cyber Chapter elections were taking place. The opportunity to become an officer presented its self to me, and now I have many resources for connecting, networking and collaborating!

One of the main reasons I decided to join AHMP and become a CHMM is that there is so much going on in our industry, it’s impossible for an individual to be aware of it all. From current events and regulatory updates to new tools and technologies, I needed a foundation of professionals that I could connect and collaborate with. I have found that foundation with the Cyber Chapter.

Serving as the chapter Vice President for the past two years helped to prepare me for the president role, but it is a group effort here at the Cyber Chapter! Our goals as a volunteer organization are lofty, as our mission is to:

To provide professionals who are managing hazardous materials with a virtual forum to exchange information and ideas and assist them in adapting to the changing aspects of the profession of hazardous materials management as it is related to the environment, health and safety, transportation, disaster planning, emergency management and homeland security.

We are working to reach these goals by:

  • Creating an organization that has effective policies and processes that support our mission. We work with the AHMP national office, AHMP chapters, affiliates and other EH&S organizations to create a platform where industry relationships can foster.
  • Continuing to provide relevant content to our members via our monthly webinars.
  • Supporting traditional brick and mortar chapters with technologies for broadcasting their chapter meetings and events such as preparatory courses.
  • Create a working group for young professionals. We know this tech-savvy generation has the desire and the passion to change the world! The Cyber Chapter wants to support that.

As a virtual organization, one might think it would be easy to reach out to our membership and the industry it serves. However, it has been a bit challenging to know what the membership needs and wants to hear about. I offer you the opportunity to become part of this progressive group who has already accomplished so much. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback.

I look forward to working with you on making a difference and having an impact!

Sarah Henderson, CHMM

AHMP Cyber Chapter President